Lotus Revival

Lotus Revival

A lotus tattoo inspired the name for an original singer-songwriter project I created with Brad King over 20 years ago. Both of us were devoted to other music groups and trying to make rent by hustling drinks at the local bar. Between the gigs and the late night shifts … songs were written.

I was living on 200 acres of magical fairyland and the first recording of these songs were done in the bathroom of my upstairs apartment. This was definitely the best place to record the songs and the peepers were nature’s very special guest. They were so loud that they felt like a backing chorus. That was the beginning.

Then time, space and life moved us and our music in different directions. It was a few years back that we repaired that old cassette and decided to breathe some new life into an old chapter of music. Since then we’ve added new songs, an incredibly talented bass player and changed our name to Lotus Revival.

On August 25th, we will release our first record as Lotus Revival titled “On My Way”.


We will open for Zepparella on August 25th at The Chance in Poughkeepsie in honor of the release of  “On My Way”.

Sorry you missed our show at The Chance. However, it’s not too late to hear us. You can pick up all the music from our first CD Here:

Lotus Revival CD