Radio Radio – Indianapolis

Woke up still feeling Milwaukee’s revenge. It’s only a 3 hour drive to our next stop. I spent most of it still in recovery in the back of the van. We’ve only been on tour for a week and let me tell you …it has been an adventure. We decided that we are just getting   Read More >>


July 11th – Chicago!

At last! We woke up in a beautifully sunny Chicago. The weather was warm and inviting. It almost felt like a day off because we didn’t have to do mega amounts of driving. I had some great meditative time in the morning and gathered with Clementine and Angeline to cab it into the city. I   Read More >>


It was an early start to leave for Milwaukee…

It was an early start to leave for Milwaukee. The drive time was 9 hours. Rhoda was feeling shiny and new!!!! It was a pretty quiet van ride – lots of sleeping – which we all needed. We ran into a huge amounts of construction once we approached the city; which made us go in   Read More >>


Kansas City…

Thankfully it’s a relatively short drive to Kansas City. As we approached town, Clem let us know that the van had a couple of issues that should be looked at. Almost instantly after that; the van began to lose power and the ac stopped working. We divided up upon arrival. Gretchen was getting to spend   Read More >>



After a day off, lots of driving and a small breakdown; we had a sweet stay in Omaha. This was one of the first family stops on the tour. Clementine has her in-laws here and a really festive bunch of folks who not only came out and supported us at the gig but also took   Read More >>


Omaha…here we come!

A great psychedelic band from the 60’s that made their way from Omaha to SF…. Song of the day: Moby Grape – Omaha


So we’re making or way across this beautiful big sky country…

So we’re making or way across this beautiful big sky country. Another long drive day but soon the gigs will be closer. I feel like we are building up momentum as we travel east. It’s nice to pause and see the baby Elk or the cowboy teaching his son how to round up the cattle.   Read More >>


Early wake up call for the 10 hour drive to Salt Lake City…

Early wake up call for the 10 hour drive to Salt Lake City.  We just did this drive last week for our Denver / Montana shows. We decided to drive half way across the country, come back to Cali and then start our tour. It’s all good, we met some great people reconnected with old friends,   Read More >>


Trouble Free Transmission tour is in progress….

We started the tour in the midst of a holiday weekend. First stop South Lake Tahoe at the crystal Bay Casino. Angeline Saris, our bass player – was doing the honors at High Sierra Music Festival playing with the great Ernest Ranglin. So we had Anna Pfeiffer fill in for her for just this one   Read More >>