12th & Porter – Nashville, TN

We set out in the am for Nashville with hopes to get there by 8 or 9 pm. It was a 12 hour drive. The ride was mostly uneventful. The scenery was lush – kudzus growin all around – so many shades of green. I really miss this is California which is quickly turning into   Read More >>


Jammin Java in Vienna, VA

We stayed at funky high rise hotel that had little kids running around the halls until 3 am. It was considered a ‘suite’ hotel; it had a full kitchen but was a bit ghetto. We had two nights here and it was mostly safe but definitely suspect. It was right outside of D.C. in Alexandria.   Read More >>


Rams Head Onstage – Annapolis MD

We only had a 4 hour drive to Annapolis. Touring on the east coast is so much easier – the stops are much closer together. I suppose that’s why I have fallen so far behind in my blog. I’m still catching up and the tour is over. It’s a nice way to reflect on everything   Read More >>


Mexicalli Live- Teaneck, NJ

There was no time to go into Manhattan and get back to leave by 3pm. So Lauren and I went out into our new little neighborhood of Long Island City. Our hope was to find a drugstore, a cool brunch place with a shop next door that sold funky cool little summer dresses for next   Read More >>


St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

What a treat to wake up home after playing a gig! I got to spend a few more hours at my country home before heading south to the city. Several of my friends stopped over – Lauren, Nancy, Djuna, Will….So nice to be home with my friends. I savored the morning as much as I   Read More >>


Poughkeepsie, NY – My Hometown!

I woke up on a pillowy mattress with this glow all around the room. It was so cozy but it was very early. I had just gotten my best night’s sleep of the whole tour. I opened my eyes and realized that today was the day! Tonight was the hometown show! I just lay there   Read More >>


Northampton, MA…

We drove my car to the show with my boy, Jt, Angeline and Clementine. Gretchen and her sis would meet us at the venue with the van. We arrived at the same time as my brother Scott, an old friend from high school named John and his friends who had driven their Harleys to the   Read More >>


A Few Days Off…

Time goes by so quickly when you are traveling this way. We left Buffalo on Tuesday morning and headed east. We dropped off Clementine to meet up with her mentor; then Angeline and I got dropped off at my Hudson Valley home. Gretchen took Rhoda to visit with her sister in Connecticut. The whole drive   Read More >>


The Forum – Buffalo, NY

‘Truckin’ up to Buffalo Been thinking you got to mellow slow Takes time, you pick a place to go Just keep truckin’ on’ I am so happy to be going to NY! Ecstatic! This is the longest amount of time that I have been away from my home state – 7 months! My fondest memories   Read More >>


Hard Rock Cafe – Pittsburgh

Six hours from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh. Clem bought this nifty little Black and Decker auto vac. I thought that it was to break that out. The van was getting kind’ve hairy and if we started today maybe we could keep it under control. So we plugged it in and all watched in fascination how it   Read More >>