Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year!

   As we approach the Chinese New Year of the monkey… Prepare to shake, rattle and roll! 2015 brought me and my bandmates to lots of great places- several trips to Texas. The Wildflower Festival in Richardson was certainly a Highlight! We made it to the east a couple times… The Chance show in March was off the hook! We got there just as the east was beginning to thaw after a brutally cold and snowy winter. Every time we get the opportunity to hit my hometown; the shows just get better!! The love and support has been incredible! Many thanks to my fellow Hudson Valley friends, family and fans!!!! Keep the magnet out to pull us back! It’s always a journey that we’re super excited for!

   We had the pleasure of doing Mountain Jam in 2015! Again- so much love and praise came our way. It was quite an experience to finally play my hometown festival after being a regular for so many years. We did a nice little interview in the lodge with Justin Foy and then he came out to introduce us. I heard that many folks couldn’t get into the hall because it was so packed – wow! What an honor to be on the bill with so many of my favorite artists and inspirations! Friday night was just the beginning… We stayed the weekend and sank into all the great music. Warren Haynes doing Pink Floyd..’Dark Side of The Mule’ was mind blowing!  Michael Franti always brings his magic ; lifts me to the heavens every time! I know many of you pushed for us to be there and I’d like to send a special thanks to all of you who took the time to voice your opinion and lend your support. I hope that they will bring us back on one of the bigger stages so all of our fans can see us.

      Let’s see…then there’s the wild west…. We explored some new territory in Washington and will be making our rounds there again this year. What about Oregon! I treasure the fact that we get to play in places like Bend and Eugene…made it to Grants Pass and Ashland and of course Portland. So many of my tribe live in these places; there’s a magic and energy there like no other. San Francisco – Zepparella’s hometown and Sweetwater in Mill Valley – gave us sold out shows and the chance to have some meet and greets with some of our beloved fans. We did Halloween in Aspen this year…one for the books! So many great places and people – each unique and wonderful.

     I also want to let those of you who may not know… That we have a team of fans who have created The Official Zepparella Fan Page! The powers that govern the Official Fan Page are the Knights of The Badass Table…these noble Knights have taken it upon themselves to honor and protect us Ladies and the site. Not only are they witty and kind- but a serious bunch of comedians who pretty much make me laugh daily. I highly advise you check out the fabulous artwork, memes and banter…you will not be disappointed! 2015 also marked the creation of the U.K. Zepparella Fan Page! Hell yeah! How exciting! Now we just need a good tour across the pond! It’s been really fun to hear from all of you in cyber land. I love when I get sent songs or recommendations of music, artwork… So please feel free to flow and share.

  I walk into 2016 and the year of the red monkey (yes…I’m a monkey) with an open heart and a book filled with dreams and goals to fulfill. There will be some new acoustic material recorded with Brad King and a couple of other music projects brewing up as we speak. I’ll be filling you all in on each of our shows as they happen and Zepparella will be adding some new gems to the setlist. I hope to meet more of you out on the road as we continue to seek new festivals and venues. I am so grateful for all of you and look forward to singing for you and with you.

    The highlight of my summer… was being in Chicago for the final Fare The Well shows….I’d like to share the words of Mickey Hart before they left the stage …. “The feeling we have here – remember it, take it home and do something good with it…Please be kind.”

         I’m going to do just that! Many thanks -wishing you all love and light!