Rams Head Onstage – Annapolis MD

We only had a 4 hour drive to Annapolis. Touring on the east coast is so much easier – the stops are much closer together. I suppose that’s why I have fallen so far behind in my blog. I’m still catching up and the tour is over. It’s a nice way to reflect on everything – especially since I feel that we were traveling at light speed.

I didn’t speak much at all. There was no way that I would not be restoring my voice to it’s natural state. It was a Monday night in Annapolis and I was going to rock their socks off.So I did a lot of writing and texting that day in addition to sucking on ginger and drinking lots of tea. We were able to stop at a Whole Foods; so I stocked up on every remedy I could think of. I was not going to be stuck somewhere with out the proper supplies, although I was determined that I would not be put in this position again.

We parked right in front of the venue. I’m not the only one in the band who finds it interesting that in a property filled with male workers – they send out a woman to help with the loading. Is it because we’re a female band? Is it because their lazy? Is it because they don’t want to help? I don’t know; but I do appreciate the help – we all do! I had been speaking to a member of the Pink Floyd band called ‘The Machine’ the previous night. He was very familiar with this venue and had good things to say about it. I believe that they are tied to a lot of fun summer music festivals which I hope we can be a part of in the future. It is a very clean and nice place. It’s more of a supper club. The stage is in the middle back and it is surrounded by dinner tables. I’m not sure what the capacity is but I’m guessing 200? The green room was impeccable and had it’s own bathroom – YEAH! It was off to the side of the stage which is where a green room should be ideally. After load in – I opted to hide out in the van. It was really hot outside but inside the AC was brutally chilling. Eventually Clem came and joined me. At one point I noticed someone taking pictures of the Rhoda. We started laughing and cowering in the van trying our best to angle away from any shot that would indicate that we were inside. It’s not that we didn’t want to talk to our fans…it was that we didn’t want to talk to our fans right now. I personally was just not talking. It became a hilarious encounter of hiding and trying to not bubble over in hysterics as we continued to be trapped in the van for some time. We began texting Gretchen and Angeline so they would know where we were in case of an emergency. I suspect that we got busted but if we were, the gentleman never said so. Eventually, the coast was clear and I escaped to the green room; Clem ventured out to let the rest of us know what this quaint little area looked like. She found this awesome chrome car on the street….Wow!

She said that it was so beautiful and picturesque. Next time we need to get a little more time in for exploration. I did manage to see some of it as I drove us out of town at the end of the night.

I was feeling pretty good about my voice but refrained from the tequila this evening.
The show turned out to be a full house – all sitting and waiting patiently for us to begin. It was a dark supper club – not as dark as Milwaukee. We had a big feedback issue in the beginning of the show. I think that mostly everyone didn’t notice or if they did – thought it was an effect we had purposely added to the show. It was really just on stage. My voice was a little raspy but in a good way. I felt so very happy that what I was pushing out was exactly what I wanted to hear, what I wanted everybody to hear. What a fantastic crowd. They get an A for being a great freakin crowd – especially at a sit down place on a Monday night. Wow, they breathed new life into me. I really felt their big beautiful energy; and they got up and moved too! The show was really really great! We were all blown away by the crowd! Truly a night to remember – so glad we played at this venue and hope to return. These folks really appreciate music! They wanted more and more and more.

After the show they hung out – helped us load, bought lots of merch and drinks. It was a really fun night. Our new friends from Pittsburgh Chris and his son Eric came to the show and brought his wife. Chris is English and has a great way about him – very funny with a sort’ve fighting drinking spirit. His son Eric is this sweet hippy dude who is also a musician. He plays bluegrass and loves the jam band scene. We definitely bonded over both those things. They live in the area and made it a point to comeback out. We hung with them and a whole cast of characters in the adjacent bar. I decided to be the designated driver so that Clem could have a night to sit back and relax. She is always at the helm – she really is a machine with boundless energy. If you don’t tell her to sit down and have a drink…she won’t. So I got her a Makers and 7 to start her on her way. We had a short drive to the hotel and the next stop on the tour was in Vienna VA – about 40 minutes away. As a result of the short distance, we had a whole new bunch of people from tonights show coming to tomorrow nights show. See this whole Grateful Dead thing is starting to take shape…we have people traveling night after night to see us. I LOVE IT!!!!!!