Poughkeepsie, NY – My Hometown!

I woke up on a pillowy mattress with this glow all around the room. It was so cozy but it was very early. I had just gotten my best night’s sleep of the whole tour. I opened my eyes and realized that today was the day! Tonight was the hometown show! I just lay there taking it all in; thinking about the journey and what was to come. I closed my eyes again and smiled inside.

After a little more sleep, I made my way downstairs to the long wooden table. Nancy was up doing dishes, Steven and Geoff were chatting outside. Eventually Clementine and Angeline came down too. We had a yummy breakfast while sharing stories, reminiscing and making plans for New Years Eve. There’s no cell service there which really made for a peaceful morning. It was nice to have a calm before the storm. They have this gorgeous property with gardens and so many flowers…very very zen. We leisurely packed ourselves up and said our goodbyes. Steven led us out to the highway through some back country roads. Next stop was to scoop up Gretchen in CT. I got a message from one of my oldest friend named Serge – he said that he was driving down from Maine with his wife Angel and their oldest son Aidan to see the show! Also, another old friend of ours Ross Lama was coming from MA. Super cool!!!!

We hit some traffic along the way and made it to The Chance a few minutes behind schedule. My brother Scott met us there with my niece Emily. She was so excited to come see us soundcheck. She is 9 years old and could not come to the show so this was her opportunity to see and meet the band. She had her cute short boots with a tie dye skirt and her hair pulled back. Later her mom told me that she had laid all her clothes out the night before in anticipation of seeing us. I wish I snapped a photo! I just adore her. She is such a talented spirited child. I really wanted to share this with her and encourage her to never stop reaching for her dreams. I just wish she could see the whole show.


My dear friend Freddie – who my little boy calls ‘Fweddie’ and his gorgeous sidekick Isis also stopped by. Freddie is one of those very special creatures in this world that I love so very much. We met about 7 or 8 years ago through a mutual friend and we instantly were buddies. He was at the birth of my child and even took home the placenta to store in his freezer for me – which was later planted under a lavender tree in our yard. He’s a part of all my family celebrations – at my parent’s house at Christmas and every party too. He has sat up all night sharing stories with my dad that brought both of them to tears. He and Isis were totally there for my family when my mom passed away last Fall. He is such a sensitive sweet guy. Actually I hear him use the description of ‘sweetheart’ all the time and he certainly is one. The other side of him is that he and my husband share this very twisted sense of humor. Anyway, you would not be reading any of this if it weren’t for him. He created this website and continues to post daily for me. When I asked him if he liked the website…he said ‘Oh I cried’. Thank you Fweddie and Happy Birthday! Love you!


Later I will post some more AMAZING shots that Isis took at the show. She has an incredible eye and always comes to every party armed and shooting!


I wish I could tell you all about everyone of my friends because they are such incredible spirits that shine in my life. I’m so freakin blessed!

Okay….back to the story:

JT (for those of you just tuning in – is my husband).


He arrived with Sage (my son).


and delivered the acoustic bass and some hand drums for our radio performance on WPDH. We bolted over to their studios just after soundcheck. It was kind’ve funny because we were sitting in the van in the parking lot and Tigman came out and said ‘ya ready to come in’? We told him we would in just a few minutes – that we were working something out. What he didn’t know was that we had never played acoustically and this was our first and only rehearsal before going live on the radio. A few minutes later we entered the studio and were greeted by Tigman and another fella who was going to film us. He was introduced to us as Paulie Nuts. Well not only did I know him but I grew up with him. I know him as Paul Spatafora and his grandparents lived on my street; and how he lives there! It was great to see him and loved that he was there to film. Tigman was super sweet and we had a great time chatting away with him about Led Zep, the band and my roots in Poughkeepsie. We finished the interview with ‘Ramble On’. Special Thanks to Tigman for the interview, Paulie for the vid, my brotther Todd for loaning Gretchen his Martin acoustic, Keith Speth for rebuilding and loaning the acoustic bass and my roomie Jesse Scherer for her hand drum.

The radio plug and the article in the paper sent a lot people to the show. They had something like a 100 people or more in walk up sales. We were also maybe going to do a radio interview with WDST which is the Woodstock station. It didn’t happen but a friend told me that I was welcomed home by name on the air by DJ Greg Gattine who also said “Robert mentions Noelle’s name whenever we speak”. I truly appreciate all the mentions from him and Justin Foy who made it out to the show. It gives me hope that we will return again next year. I have been speaking to Justin Foy from WDST and John Barry from the Poughkeepsie Journal for quite some time about getting the band to the Hudson Valley. They always gave us support. Justin pumped up the show via the airwaves – much appreciated! John and I had been speaking since March about it. He wrote a great piece and featured us in the Enjoy Section of my hometown paper….thanks again John! Here is the link to the story:

Poughkeepsie Journal Article

I have to say that after I got back to the venue; I was feeling like I needed to just have a little meditative space. So I hid out at the bar next door! Clementine and I went in and ordered some food. My good friends Debbie and Ted were there from Woodstock doing the same. It was nice to have a little quiet time before what seemed like “this is your life Noelle Doughty”! By the time I was finished and was about to walk out, it started to happen. First I saw an old school friend who shares my same birthday, then my first boyfriend and his sisters. One of them flew out and planned her NY trip around the gig! Next I was getting texted by my brothers, then my 4th grade teacher, then my best friend, then her son-in-law, then my good friends Joy and Keith who loaned us the bass. Before I knew it – the room was filled with people I knew; in a matter of minutes! I said my goodbyes and politely exited to find my dressing room. The green room for tonight would be Rhoda which was parked in the back of The Chance. When I got back there, Angeline was not doing well. She had this injury in her leg that had flared up and all of us were deeply concerned and felt like it needed immediate attention. This was not going to happen – but we tried a few other things to get her through the show. Clementine’s mentor and healer was at the show so she called her into have her work on her. Sirriya does this really cool quantum shit that is very powerful and removes all kinds of blockages from now and thousands of years ago – ancestral gunk that has been carried over through lifetimes. She is truly amazing and has been constantly on call since we left for tour. Thanks and blessings to her! She did her thing and then Gretchen’s sister stepped in to tell her what her options were and how she could help facilitate getting a scan after the show. We all got dressed… did our pre-show ritual and hit the stage. Angeline was going to power through it!

Before the curtain even went up, I could hear so many familiar voices shouting my name. Wow! Then it went up and every single person that I saw….I knew! From every part of my life. It was incredible – one of the most special moments ever in my life. Everyone was laughing and smiling and dancing and having such a great time out there and at the same time spreading love. There was soooooooo much love in that room, love for me, love for the band, love for Led Zeppelin, love for rock and roll, love for eachother! I was thoroughly blissed out. I could see my Dad up in the balcony with his signature white cowboy hat; and Mrs. Marras – my 4th grade teacher there too. My whole community of New Paltz peeps, all of my best friends (except Wendy Corn – who I will see in Austin) my old school friends, my old boyfriends, my old bandmates, my old deadhead friends, my brothers, my cousins, my entire childhood neighborhood, my friend’s parents! My friend Petra who flew out from Seattle…..it went on and on and on. I’m so glad they all joined me for an night of easy listening in down town Poughkeepsie – Lol!

So there has been this thing with people throwing underwear on stage. During “The Lemon Song”…an explosion off underwear came flying at us from the pit. They all had messages on them:

Gretchen and I had a complete laugh attack! It was my husband and all my friends – cracking up in the front of the stage. They had conceived of this plan – no doubt!

At one point I noticed my little boy Sage’s angry bird trunks.


Now I knew who was responsible! They even said ‘Mom’ on them.

I told you that I love my friends – they always know how to be creatively funny! At the end of the night I gathered them up and took them home. The next day I dumped them on the floor to read all the messages…..I’m sure that there will be some other art project created with them. Thanks guys!


Despite Angeline feeling like awful – she rocked it; Clem rocked it! Gretchen rocked it! I’m so proud of this band! So damn proud!

As we got into the set a shot of tequila was delivered to the stage by my brother – thanks Scott!


I really had so much fun with the audience; it was like an extension of one of the jams we have late night at my house.

I saw my friend Casey in the audience. Back in April he wrote a note on his FB page telling everyone that he was having neurosurgery on an aneurism the next day. He and I spent many hours drinking and conversing after closing the bars that we ran in New Paltz. On Monday nights – we would both drive our trucks to work and throw our bikes in the back. His bar would close first and he would bring whoever was there over to my place. Monday nights at Cabaloosa was Dead Night so The Deadbeats always played. It was a great scene and totally paid my rent. After closing up and hanging out until the sun came up; we would hop on our bicycles and ride home. The last mile I was on my own because he lived closer to town. When I heard that he was having this surgery I prayed and had a candle burning the whole day. He has a wonderful soulmate of a wife and two precious little girls. Again, he is another one of those special creatures that I feel so blessed to know. I told him then that he needed to make it through…and he said he would see me at The Chance. He was there; they were both there. Casey, I hope the stage volume didn’t hurt your head – but I am so glad you made it!

“Moby Dick” is my chance to leave the stage. I ran off and just fell into the lap of so many people. In that 5 minutes I got hugs, photos, and thanks and so much praise etc…. I just felt like there was this light shining down on me.


I tried to just touch as many people as I could before I got back to the stage. “Ramble On” is a song that is played almost always in our set. It’s one off my favorites and every time I sing it…. there is only one place that I think of and that is home – the Hudson Valley. This was the first time that I got to sing it and not feel homesick. There’s no place like home…. and this was a dream. As the show came to a close I felt so pleased – my heart was just bursting. We walked off the stage and waited outside as the crowd cheered for more. I shared with the girls that I felt so happy that everyone came. Every one was there except my mom; but I felt her there in spirit and that was the light shining down on me.


I mentioned earlier that Isis took some great shots at the show, they can be seen here.