Northampton, MA…

We drove my car to the show with my boy, Jt, Angeline and Clementine. Gretchen and her sis would meet us at the venue with the van. We arrived at the same time as my brother Scott, an old friend from high school named John and his friends who had driven their Harleys to the area the night before. We immediately put them to work unloading the van. The IronHorse is a sweet sort’ve historic venue. I had played here years ago with Funktional Loonacy as an opener for Leon Russell. I have no idea how we were paired with him – but it was an honor.

My little boy is a drummer. He tells me that he doesn’t need to take lessons because he already know how to play! Clementine made his night by letting him play her drums and he was over the moon. I took him down to the green room with me and he said ‘Mom, why is this room so disgusting’? I told him that ….’well, they just are’!

After load in and soundcheck; we wondered over to my friend Steven’s place. He was having a pre-Zepparella party and lived about a half mile away. Steven and I met 10 years ago at Gathering of the Vibes – back when it was held at this cool biker country club in Mariaville, NY. It was late night and I was with one of my besties – Lauren. We were groovin in our pink wigs and glitter when Steven introduced himself and told us about this casbah that he and his friends had created. ‘Wanna check it out’?

Anyone who know me – knows that I DEFINITELY want to check it out! It’s that gypsy thing…I would live in a casbah if i could. In the wee hours of the morning we entered this very cozy psychedelic tapestried casbah filled with a whole crew of super GREAT people. As we began to talk – we realized that one of our crew knew one of their crew from a whole other connection. From that point on we have all been friends and we travel between the Hudson Valley and Northampton for parties, festivals and all kinds of super creative camps and events. This summer marks our ten year anniversary of meeting the Casbah Crew! Nancy and Geoff who are also part of the crew, graciously offered to put us up for the night. We were well cared for in Northampton!

I was so happy to be reunited with the crew – and this would be the first audience with a contingent of friends and family. We ate some delicious food had a cocktail and then off to the show. My husband Jt was going to hop back into the car with my boy Sage and take him back home. They really wanted to see the show; so I asked the owner and he said it was okay for him to stay. We set him up with the proper ear protection and then I hit the stage.

It was a special night for Gretchen too. She and her sister had gone to Smith. This was the very town where she studied music! It was my first time meeting her beautiful sister which I had known so much about through Gretchen and most recently when she was called in to help with my food poisoning situation. They are best friends. It was wonderful to finally meet her!

The show was great. We had an opening band. I think they were called Wailing Ghosts…but I could be wrong and if so- somebody tell me. I had met a few friends of theirs at Steven’s place before the show.

My little boy Sage sat stage left – completely entranced in my bandmates; especially Clem. By the time the solo came around and I could get off the stage – they had left. I was sad to see him go but he must’ve seen about 5 songs. We had a nice crowd – especially for a Thursday night in a college town.

After the show, the crew and my brother and friends helped us load gear. People really are fascinated by the Tetris of the van. It can only be loaded one way. Clem is the director calling out what goes where as she hoists each instrument into the perfect spot. Hey – this is how it works!

I have to say that we always manage to have fun doing it because it’s a novelty for anyone helping.

Geoff had already driven home and so Nancy hopped in the van with us and brought us back to her place. They have this sanctuary of a home filled with beautiful art and just simple tasteful furniture and rugs. It’s so clean and inviting! We sat around her long wooden table when we arrived and they fed us pie with ice cream and a touch of aged tequila. Not only was this so much better than any hotel we could ever be in, but I was so happy that everyone was finally meeting each other. It made my heart very happy!