Hard Rock Cafe – Pittsburgh

Six hours from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh.

Clem bought this nifty little Black and Decker auto vac. I thought that it was to break that out. The van was getting kind’ve hairy and if we started today maybe we could keep it under control. So we plugged it in and all watched in fascination how it was sucking all the debris. As I watched through the clear canister – I saw these little black rubber things. ‘Angeline – aren’t those your earbuds’? This created a laugh attack and cause for a pic.


We made a couple of the usual stops here and there for gas and food. I started driving in Ohio. I always love crossing that small steel covered bridge into West Virginia. Somewhere between there and West Virginia we got caught in stopped traffic. While creeping along we passed this very questionable skeletal carcass. I suppose it’s a deer; but it almost looked like a body. It had a really long spinal column. See for yourself:


The traffic continued for quite a bit; turns out it was for a Jamboree! As we approached Pittsburgh; we got diverted by detours which took us over like 9 bridges to get us to where needed to be. I don’t think I ever have played a Hard Rock Cafe before; this one seemed typical of the chain with music being pumped out and large rock and roll gift shop. The first thing I noticed was the opening band’s merch table. It was impressive – as if they produced the perfect amount of items to fit this particular venue’s table. They had a little crushed velvet covering and offered cd’s, jewelry and even a pretty stylish moto type jacket. The woman who was (wo)manning the table was so proud and effervescent. It turns out that she was the mom of the singer. She reminded me of my mom – with this beaming smile and kick in her step. The band is called Highway 4; which is close to where they are all from. She told me that she has 4 beautiful daughters and that her girl Kelly is the real deal. Her daughter is a serious badass! She’s beautiful, strong – has a great voice and an awesome stage presence. This is a great rock band. They have material of their own but also kick out some great classic rock covers. I love them. I especially loved their energy and hope they make it out there on the road. If you want to check them out: http://highway4band.com/About_The_Band.html

It’s always interesting when you play a venue that is brightly lit and people are eating nachos and watching sports. As a performer, it’s a little distracting. I remember playing a show recently where the entire show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ was on the television. I felt like I was singing Kashmir to Kim Kardashian… Anyway, the way it works is that mostly all of the audience members are either eating at tables pushed a ways back from the stage – or they are standing in the back of the room at the bar. Don’t get me wrong – the crowd was lovely; but I don’t understand when a whole restaurant chain is based on music but the stage set up is not at all conducive for live music.

As we began to get into the set; a very large man who probably started drinking at Happy Hour in a stripe shirt started really focusing in on Angeline. Then he started to come closer and just stood there. “DANGER Will Robinson – DANGER”! There’s not much you can really do while you’re performing except for to stay tuned in and make sure that he doesn’t get too close.

During a solo section I left the stage and was stopped by his friends who called him ‘the christmas tree’. I politely asked if they could move him back about 6 feet. I didn’t want the christmas tree to fall – TIMBER – on A. They laughed and happily made it happen. We had some folks who have seen us in other parts of the country and made it out to this show.

Here is our Pittsburgh chapter of Zep Road Crew…..THANK YOU!!!!


Here are the two guys who work at the club with Bob Carpenter and Rhoda!

Perfect Sunday music from a poetic genius: Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah live at Sin-é