A Few Days Off…

Time goes by so quickly when you are traveling this way. We left Buffalo on Tuesday morning and headed east. We dropped off Clementine to meet up with her mentor; then Angeline and I got dropped off at my Hudson Valley home. Gretchen took Rhoda to visit with her sister in Connecticut.

The whole drive back, I was on the phone coordinating a fish taco dinner party. This has become a tradition every time I roll into town. It always starts out as a little gathering and ends up being at least 20 people. My husband Jt and my son had been in NY for a few days. So there were lots of calls regarding guest lists and menu etc.. I arrived home at 3:30 and by 7:00 there were 23 people at my house. I’m sure a quiet night at home would have been warranted after the hectic tour schedule that we’ve been enduring; but I only had a very small window to see friends and family and I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity. I woke up that Tuesday morning bursting with excitement about going home. It had been 7 months since I had been there… that’s the longest time I have ever been away from NY. I could feel it in my bones!

The dinner party was the same as it always is…wonderful! We are in the kitchen cooking and everyone strolls in with instruments, food and libations. They all know exactly what to do. It’s the vision that I had for my country home before I bought it; that it would be a gathering place. The kids are running circles around the yard or dive bombing into giant pillows in the living room. It was such a nice welcome home. For the past three years I had been telling stories about home and now Angeline was able to put the faces to the names. I had called upon my friend Keith to bring his acoustic bass so Angeline could borrow it for our radio spot later in the week. Not only did he bring it but he had spent the entire day rebuilding it for her!

We ended up eating late as we always do and then the music started. I got only a couple songs in with my NY posse but that was the perfect dessert for my meal. Then I slipped upstairs to snuggle up with my little rockstar and that was the best part of the day!

I woke up early the next morning and did my usual party clean up. The rest of the house was sleeping peacefully. Today was truly a day off! I got to have some real quality time with my little boy and then we took Angeline for a scenic drive and walk through the mountains. All is well with the world when I come back here to these sacred spaces.